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110310 copy - Will reject evidence that contradicts their...

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11/3/10 Environmental Structure 3D ---> Eye Image 2D ----> Environmental Structure 3D - The process starts with the Environmental Structure which is 3D - This gets projected onto the Retina in the Eye to become a 2D image. - Then the mind tries to recover from this 2D image the 3D structure of the environment. - Thus Perception is understood as a recovery problem, i.e. how does the mind recover. Social Psychology - Social psychology has a very different approach to studying attitudes from psychoanalysis and Cognitive therapy. The Social Psychology View - All environments influence our behavior. One of the most imoirtant = social environments. - Social Psychology = the study of how an individual's thoughts, feelings, and actions are affected by others. - A major social influence on people is the creation of their attitudes. - Attitudes = organized and enduring set of beliefs and feelings that predispose us to preserve attitudes.
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Unformatted text preview: - Will reject evidence that contradicts their attitudes.- This phenomenom is called Minimization of Cognitive Dissonance.- Cognitive Dissonance: Discomfort generated by lack of consistency. How Attitudes Can Change- The strongest influence on attitude is social environment.- For a child, major influence is parental attitudes; i.e. children are socialized into attitudes.- Socialization = the way people are integrated into society by exposure to the actions and opinions of others.- Therefore changes in attitudes come about through major changes in social environment.- Example: 80% of children prefer same political party as parents. At college this drops of 55%.- Major changes in attitudes occur age 18-25 with college, first job, marriage, etc.- Strongly works against parental influence....
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