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111010 copy - One of the 2 people is the real subject The...

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11/10/10 Conformity and Obedience - Conformity and obedience = major factor in society. Solomon Asch Experiment - One real subject thought he was taking part in a perception experiment. - Sits at large table with other people (actors), which he believes are real subjects like him. - Shown card with single line. - Shown another card with 3 lines of different sizes. - He is asked which line on 2nd card is the same size as the single line on 1st card. - He is always asked after several other subjects at the table. - The other subjects (actors) were instructed beforehand to give the same obvious wrong answer. - Results showed: real subjects gave answers that conformed with the group. Milgram Experiments: Stanley Milgram (1964) - Table divided by screen. - Box in middle. - Person on each side of table, cannot see each other through screen.
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Unformatted text preview: - One of the 2 people is the real subject.- The other person is called the learner.- Unknown to the subject, the learner is an actor.- Via the box, the subject can administer electric shocks to the learner.- The subject is instructed by the experimenter to administer these shocks if the learner gets answers wrong to questions.- Also, the subject is instructed to increase the voltage as more and more answers are wrong.- As shocks increased in strength, the learner would start screaming in pain. Voltage level reached 450 volts, which we know kills people.- Yet 34 out of 40 subjects continued obeying the instructions of the experimenter.- When questioned, subjects described themselves as decent and moral.- Milgram (paperback) 1974: Obedience to Authority...
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