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11/15/10 Cognitive Therapy - One of the main ideas of cognitive therapy is this: When lower animals have a negative emotion, they are a complete slave to it, and simply follow it. - However, human beings can rise above this. When they have a negative emotion, they can change it. - How? - The negative emotion comes from a belief that is under the emotion, and produced the emotion: Belief --> Emotion - Change your belief, and you will change your emotion. Fundamental Idea 1. Every negative emotion you have comes from a false belief from childhood. 2. Every time you have a negative emotion, discover the false belief behind it and reverse it. - Practice this every day, with every negative emotion. - Discover all your false beliefs. - Become familiar with them. - Become familiar with reversing them. - These false beliefs act to limit your life. - The most crucial line is: Attitude is everything!!!! - Example: Biologists and doctors published articles proving that it is impossible for a human being to run a mile in 4
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Unformatted text preview: minutes.- Roger Bannister refused to believe this. In 1954 he ran a mile in 4 minutes.- As a result of seeing that: In the year after this, 20 people achieved this. After that, thousands of people achieved that. The Power of Affirmations- In any situation, define a positive goal.- Then convert the goal into a positive statement, an affirmation.- Repeat the affirmation.- Put it on your wall, your mirror, your door, etc.- An affirmation acts on your subconscious and alters your life.- Simply saying the words out loud, with tremendous optimism and positive emotion, changes your subconscious in a way that leads you to all the goals that you want.- Write affirmations as happening in the present, not the future; i.e. not "I will achieve my goal", but "I am achieving my goal".- It has been shown that people who write their affirmations 15 times a day usually gain what the affirmation says....
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