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11/22/10 Rejection - Everyone fears rejection, and suffers great pain on rejection, e.g. for a job application, etc. - It is a negative emotion, based on false beliefs. That "this is the only chance". - In fact, every rejection, e.g. a job interview, gives you information. - The more rejections, the more information and knowledge you get. - And knowledge is power. - This accumulating knowledge eventually leads to enormous success. - Anthony Robbins says: Immense success is based on immense rejection. - e.g. Walt Disney: Had the idea of Disney World. - It was rejected 320 times. - When finally accepted, made millions a year. Sylvester Stallone - film star - Had bad voice from childhood damage, the interviewers said he was too small to be a film actor, initially terrible adult life, living in poverty, wanted to be a movie star, rejected 1000 times. When finally accepted, made 20 million dollars a year. - So Anthony Robbins says "Celebrate Rejection. It leads to enormous success."
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