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112910 copy - The child starts to develop a false self to...

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11/29/10 - As a child you act completely authentically. If orange juice is spilt on the carpet, infant starts to draw with the orange juice. - The true self is outwardly productive, like a fountain. - The true self is inherently creative. - The true self always carries with it a feeling of aliveness, richness of experience. - Whether the true self continues to develop depends on responses from caretakers, society, etc. - Discouraging, restrictive, non-empathic, punishing actions by society start to shut down the true self.
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Unformatted text preview: - The child starts to develop a false self to please parents, society, etc.- We've seen tbat the true self carries a feeling of aliveness - this was a major point by Winnicott.- In contrast, the false self has the following characteristics:- Feeling of deadness- Rigidity- Compliance- Oriented towards other- Obsessed with image- Winnicott's definition of mental illness: MENTAL ILLNESS = COMPLIANCE...
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