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120610 copy - Heinz Kohut(1913-1981 Major idea Child needs...

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12/6/10 Narcissism - Narcissism = Obsession with image at the expense of self. - This is considered to be the major mental illness of our time. - To be concerned with image is to be concerned with another person's opinion of you, rather than your own opinion of yourself. - So: False self = Image - A narcissist is a person who is mainly false, with very little true self. - One of the main features of a narcissist is: lack of empathy. - They can't appreciate another person's situation because they can't appreciate their own. - A narcissist is like this because he or she was not mirrored as a child.
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Unformatted text preview: Heinz Kohut (1913-1981)- Major idea: Child needs deep mirroring from caretaker/parent, etc.- Mirroring is the process of:- affirming- describing- exploring- elaborating- validating- caring for- Parents should never invalidate what the child is feeling.- The child is feeling the truth. These are real emotions.- Pushing them down leads to depression, anxiety, drug addiction, etc.- Mirroring is a basic function of a good parent. A child needs mirroring as much as it needs food.- Mirroring is like sunlight to a plant.- Important: Mirroring affirms the chuld, not the parent....
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