Project 2 - Stunt Car Nov 7 2011 Tech Memo

Project 2 - Stunt Car Nov 7 2011 Tech Memo - TAMU Stunt...

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TAMU Stunt Vehicle Design Task Force November 7, 2011 Memorandum To: Engineering Staff From: Zachary Siegrist Travis Hardin Molly Stuckey Megan Glassburn Subject: Purpose and Background: The Texas Transportation Institute (a research agency under the Texas A&M University System) has an extensive highway safety research program involving the interaction between vehicles and the hardware (signs, bridge abutments, etc.) along the side of the road. An important aspect of this research concerns the prediction of vehicle behavior using mathematical modeling based upon extensive experimental data and basic physics. A number of civil and mechanical engineering professors at TAMU were the Principle Investigators in this effort and a few of them have formed consulting firms based upon their research. Vehicle crash dynamics form the basis for: expert testimony in accident investigation, action scenes in big budget action films, design of passive restraint systems for the occupants, active crash avoidance systems, etc. The intent of this project is not to make all of us experts in vehicle dynamics but to simply familiarize us with the basics of the physics and mathematics involved in this important field. In essence, the vehicle become a projectile the moment in leaves the ramp and launches into the air. The mathematics and physics of this behavior are well understood and our task is to design the “optimum” stunt vehicle
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Project 2 - Stunt Car Nov 7 2011 Tech Memo - TAMU Stunt...

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