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Economics 159a/MGT522a GameTheory. Ben Polak Fall 2007 Some Topics and Concepts covered since the Midterm The following are some (but not all) of the ideas and definitions from the second half of the course. You might want to make sure you know something about these. Game trees: nodes and actions Backward Induction First- and second-mover advantages Incentives Hold-up problems Commitment and Credibility Entry, fighting and reputation (discussed informally only) Waiting versus pre-empting (especially in duel)
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Unformatted text preview: Zermelo’s Theorem Bargaining Imperfect information Information sets Strategies for extensive-form games Sub-Games and Sub-Game Perfection Strategic effects (for example, whether to invest before Cournot) Wars of attrition Finitely repeated Games Renegotiation. (discussed informally only) Infinitely repeated games Cooperation, rewards, punishments and patience The Grim Trigger strategies and others. Information Unraveling Signaling: separating equilibria Auctions, types and winners’...
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