OG 12 SC - OG 12 probably not but more than likely declare...

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OG 12 语语语语 probably not. .., but more than likely. .. declare sth. adj. ------- declare sth as adj X eg. declare a minimum wage unconstitutional --------- declare a minimum wage as uncon- stitutional X ability to do. . .------- ability of doing X include 指指指指指指指指指指 including / doing, 指指指指指指指指指指 like + 指指 as 指指指 not until almost ----- not almost until X diabetes ( 指指指 ) . .. rank s ever since . .. 指指指指指指 although 指指指指指 but 指指 eg . sunspots are visible as dark spots on the surface of the sun ( but have never been sighted on the the sun’s poles or equator ). 指指 although 指指 but 指指指指指指指指指 expectation ----- 指指指指指 would 指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指 eg : plants are more efficient than fungi at acquiring carbon, in the form of carbon dioxide( 指指 carbon) . plants are more efficient at acquiring carbon than are fungi, in the form of. .. 指指 fungi X in contrast with x, y in contrast to x, y unlike x, y , doing ----- 指指指 to do 指指指指指 estimate to be. .. ----- estimate at X the same to x as to y. .. x happened so that y could happen. .. 指指指指 and 指指指指 指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指 eg . a giant fungus is an interwoven filigree of mushrooms and rootlike tentacles spawned by a single fertilized spore and extending for more than 30 acres in the soil. the rivalry between x and y ===== the rivals x and y V the rivalry between x with y X the rivals x against y X
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expend on 指指指 ... expend for X either from . .. or from . ... V from either . ... or. .... V 指指指指 done, 指指指指指指指指指 指指 指指指 指指指指指 wordy eg . It can hardly be said that educators are at fault for not anticipating the impact of micro- computer ... > The fact that educators are at fault for not anticipating the impact of mi- crocomputer can hardly be said. x is to y what a is to b. eg . Adam smith wrote two major boos that are to democratic capitalism what Marx’s Das is to socialism. in that = inasmuch as = because = for n. ... is more than. .. and took . .. more than. ... restriction on sth .... restriction for sth. .X act as 指指指指 act like 指指指 指指指指指 if x happened, then y would happen. 指指指 1 指指指指指指指指指指 once x had happened, then y happened. 2 - doubt 指指指指指指指指指指指 no not 指指指指指 that 指指指指 whether there is no doubt that. .. he does not doubt that. .. 3 - A dead body cannot be a man , the body is that of a man . 指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指指 eg. Once they had seen the report from the medical examiner, the investigators had no doubt that the body recovered from the river was that of the man who had attempted to es- cape from the state prison. a means to sth.
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OG 12 SC - OG 12 probably not but more than likely declare...

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