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phi week 3 letter to philosopher

phi week 3 letter to philosopher - Letter to European...

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Letter to European Philosopher Amber Cooper PHI 105 January 16, 2012 David Krause Dear Mr. Friedrich Nietzsche, Your philosophical views are quite interesting but I must say I do not agree with some of them. You speak about the common man and how he feels about the world. You also suggest that man is no better than a herd animal. Your “Ubermensch” or superman I believe was invented to explain away your own egotism. How do you believe that your Ubermensch is the only one to have strength of will to change his life and rise above the herd? Do you not feel that everyone has the will to achieve accomplishment?
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People that believe in your philosophy must be egotists also. Do your followers tend to be people that take pleasure only in things that make them seem more important? Being the only male in the house after your fathers passing must have helped influence your ego. First, how can you believe that people are as herd animals? There are many leaders in the world that have risen above the pack and taken charge. If your philosophy were true, everyone would
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