phi week 3 pragmatism and analytic philosophy

phi week 3 pragmatism and analytic philosophy - France....

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Pragmatism and Analytic Philosophy Amber Cooper PHI 105 January 16, 2012 David Krause Charles Pierce developed pragmatism in America in the 1870s. Pragmatism argues the truth and meaning of an idea is directly related to its practical outcome. Another philosopher, John Dewey, has works in education and social theory which are still evident in today’s American society. Analytical philosophy was developed by two Americans, Bertraand Russell and G.E. Moore. These men were philosophers in the early 1900s. Analytical philosophy received widespread attention in English-speaking countries during the 20 th century. Analytical philosophy places much importance on logical argument, language analysis, and scientific methods in approaching ideas. Early European (continental philosophy) was practiced in countries such as Germany and
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Unformatted text preview: France. These Continental philosophers differed from American pragmatism and analytical philosophy in several ways. First, scientific approach to argument and analysis is what pragmatism and analytical philosophy are centered around. Second, European philosophy generally rejected scientific methods, preferring to practice theory instead. Third, Europeans were more focused on individual, moral, and political transformations while American pragmatist broke down problems step-by-step to find a solution. Finally, Continental philosophers placed importance on history and argument whereas American pragmatist did not place as much importance on either history or argument....
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phi week 3 pragmatism and analytic philosophy - France....

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