phi week 5 moral character viewpoints

phi week 5 moral character viewpoints - yet they...

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Moral Character Viewpoints Checkpoint Amber Cooper PHI 105 January 28, 2012 David Krause Our discussion question this week was, “Do you believe bad habits are indicative of bad moral character. Mostly, the class and my own opinion were that the two had no relation to each other and that it was possible to have bad habits and it not affect moral character. Nobody really commented on my DQ. Reading through other posts by the others in my group, most held the same opinion as I did. There was a bit of disagreement between two classmates on the view “people with good morals and character tend to practice good decisions”. Student A said that they are a good person
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Unformatted text preview: yet they procrastinate. I do not know if procrastination really qualifies as a habit. Some students discussed people around negative influences and bad moral character are more likely to practice bad moral choices. A couple of students agreed that even though people are exposed to these bad influences and such, ultimately that individual has the control and choices their own actions and behaviors. I however believe that if a person is raised around bad influences and sees bad things happen, they tend to follow the same path. I believe this would follow more modern ethical thinking....
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phi week 5 moral character viewpoints - yet they...

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