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phi Week 6 DQ 1 - create something so complicated Dq 2...

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Ontological- (For the existence of God) it is self-contradictory to deny that God exists. Anslem says, “God is that than which nothing greater can be conceived, God’s nonexistence is inconceivable.” Theological- Agreed upon evidence that everything in nature has a purpose or reason for being. God exists because God created everything and gave it a purpose. Cosmological- (For existence of an “unconditioned” supreme being). Follows the belief that anything that exists must have a cause that is different from itself. I feel Leibniz and the cosmological argument made the sharpest impact. Even though our world is chaotic and random, everything seems to eventually “fit” together. Look at the human body. It is a powerful functions machine from before birth! It had to take someone with a higher power to
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Unformatted text preview: create something so complicated! Dq 2 Faith to me is the personal knowledge that there is something greater leading us towards our ultimate destiny. In saying that, I believe NO you cannot make a religious decision without faith. I believe if you are religious than you must have some type of faith. In my personal experience people who are not religious are typically pessimist and skeptical about everything. My father is agnostic, the only religious decision I have ever known him to make is that religion is silly. He believes having faith in something you cannot prove is actually there is crazy. Luckily my mother was religious and raised us kids to have faith and that there is a God. Baptism was a personal religious choice I made for myself to cleanse me of my sins and bring me closer to God....
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