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PHIL chpt. Presocratic philosophers

PHIL chpt. Presocratic philosophers - have a Ying Yang...

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It is hard to determine which of the pre-Socratic philosophers had the most compelling ideas. I was drawn to the ideas of Empedocles. He believed that everything was made up of earth, air, water or fire and two forces of either love or strife caused things to change. Is this not true about change? Major decisions are made because of love or strife. I also found this compelling because for so early a time, he had almost a perfect explanation of things! I am sure if he continued on his path he would have come up with a more comprehensive explanation like that of Leucippus. Leucippus broke everything down into atoms. Empedocles’ ideas reminded me of the Chinese (even before I read the text). Chinese
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Unformatted text preview: have a Ying Yang which represents peace and love, a constant conflict of each other. Sounds kind of corny but almost like those of the Avatar movies, everything has its element of earth, air, water, or fire. Some Native American cultures also believed in the concept of earth, air, water, or fire being the four main elements of life. For a simpler minded person this would be a great explanation of things, but for people reaching for a better understanding, then this philosophy is not adequate in answering what everything in the world is made of....
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