PHIL week 2 dq 1 & 2

PHIL week 2 dq 1 & 2 - Of the 19th century...

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th century philosophers, I would have to say I agree with Arthur Schopenhauer the most. Schopenhauer stated that everyone is driven by “will” to pursue selfish desire and reason is only an afterthought. I know it may have been different in Schopenhauer’s day, but the world is much the same place as far as riches, love, & happiness go. For me this kind of goes along with Hobbes theory of an external motion causes internal motion. What I mean is kind of hard to explain. This is probably extreme, but say someone is in love. Love makes people do crazy things, my view on love is that it may or may not be a (desire). If you love someone you would do anything to protect them. Say they are being blackmailed (external motion). You have a choice of taking care of the person you love by either helping them through the situation or getting rid of the blackmailer. By your free will you make a choice (internal motion) and move into action. After that person has made their decision to do what needs to be done, they then start to “reason”
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PHIL week 2 dq 1 & 2 - Of the 19th century...

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