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Week 4 dq 1 No, I do believe there is a connection between habits and moral character; I think they are in the practicing of habits. Sometimes people try to practice better habits, and sometimes people are unaware that they have developed a habit. Bad habits sometimes are conscious and sometimes unawares. For instance, a person might develop a habit of biting their nails when nervous (unaware), and another person might practice a habit of ordering healthier choices at restaurants (consciously). I do not think bad habits are indicative of bad moral character. According to Aristotle, virtues are habits and the good life is a life of mindless routine. Therefore, who decides if a habit is bad? Can a person not practice changing bad habits? I believe they can work on changing habits like smoking, drinking, and maybe even cussing. It would take some time, but most often people are able to overcome habits with practice. Week 4 DQ 2 I believe there is a connection between moral character and political activism. I feel that a
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Unformatted text preview: political figure that has gotten into government to help the people, will try to practice good moral character. Our country is based on Christian values and so in order for these politicians to retain their seats, they must at least make an attempt to practice good virtues. There are those who do not believe this, but look at all the corrupt officials. How many good politicians can you name? However, even though I feel as though there is a connection, some politicians do not. Politicians either get a big ego, or come to think they are untouchable. Those are the politicians there for the paycheck and not for the greater good of the Country. Eventually what these politicians do in the dark comes to the light. I feel if there were more strict repercussions for politicians involved in scandals, we just may have a stronger government....
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