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Big 5 Trait Approaches to Personality Openness to Experience- Independent, imaginative, likes variety and routine. Conscientiousness- Careful, impulsive, disorganized Extraversion- Talkative, fun loving, sociable Agreeableness- Sympathetic, kind, appreciative Neuroticism- Stable, calm, secure I feel that extraversion best describes me. People love to be around me. Sometimes people say that I am too talkative though, I feel I have to say everything I need to in a very short time, therefore people say I talk too fast sometimes. I am VERY sociable and love to do things with the public. Although I feel extraversion trait best describes me, I still feel that I possess qualities from the other traits as well. I do have days that I am more conscientious, especially when I am in a new environment or around new people. When in this type of situation I am more careful about what I say and may be nervous and even disorganized with materials I may be presenting.
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Unformatted text preview: DQ 2 Behavioral assessments are a direct measure of an individual’s behavior designed to discover characteristics indicative of personality. They can be conducted by observation clients at work, home, or school. They can also be administered in a lab. The benefits of these assessments are that they allow psychologists to determine if intervention techniques have been successful with clients. They can also help clients pinpoint any “abnormal” behaviors and help the psychologist design a therapeutic approach. A risk that could arise from taking these assessments could be a loss of a job opportunity. The potential employer could view an applicant’s answers in an unsatisfactory manor and decided not to hire the applicant based on his/her answers. The potential employer may not be trained correctly in reading these types of tests and judge the applicant faultily....
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