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PSY week 7 testing intelligence checkpoint

PSY week 7 testing intelligence checkpoint - how many legs...

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Testing Intelligence Checkpoint Amber Cooper PSY 202 February 13, 2012 Janie Lacy Based on the results of the IQ test, I am of high intelligence. I scored 80 out of 100 and had an IQ level of 124 points. I don’t know if I would say I was of high intelligence. I feel I am of average intelligence. If I were of high intelligence, I would be doing tremendously better in my philosophy class! Was the test biased in any way? Yes, I feel it was more inclined towards person with mathematical abilities. There were several questions that required the test taker to use mathematical skills. One question was something like: You have 3 chickens, 2 pigs, and 6 ducks,
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Unformatted text preview: how many legs are there? A lot of things could be said about being compared to others and their scores. Most importantly, why would someone compare these test scores? For a career maybe? Someone may have scored higher than me on the IQ test because they are a better test taker than I am. Would there be a legitimate reason to hire them over me? No, I feel IQ does play a small role, but the ability to carry out the duties of the job should be the main concern....
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