psych states of consciousness

psych states of consciousness - Results from the Tutorial...

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States of Consciousness Amber Cooper PSY 202 January 9, 2012 Janie Lacy
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1. Naturally Occurring- This is the most known to us. In this stage of consciousness persons are able to think and make decisions. 2. Dreaming- This is where R.E.M occurs; a person is unaware of the outside world. It’s kind of like watching a movie in your head and you are the writer/director. 3. Hypnotic- During hypnosis persons can be influenced easily, there may be some amnesia as to what happened during the hypnosis, and there can also be relief from pain. 4. Drug Induced- Persons who have taken sleeping drugs have an altered perception of reality. I have heard someone has taken Ambien before and woke up driving their car!!! Drug induced consciousness can cause physical dependency.
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Unformatted text preview: Results from the Tutorial This tutorial was very informative. I did not know so many drugs could come from such a small plant/plants!!! I also did not know persons could have “false” memories from a hypnosis session! I have however experienced the affects of sleep deprivation. It does make one very cranky and it is hard to think when you have not had enough sleep. It was interesting to learn that some scientists think we developed sleep patterns to avoid predators. I did not realize that sleeping pills could cause dependency. That is very scary. I wonder what would happen if someone had been taking sleeping pills for a long time and then just go cold turkey. Also the effect of alcohol mixed with these drugs is a big problem!!...
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psych states of consciousness - Results from the Tutorial...

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