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Psych week 3 dq 1 & 2

Psych week 3 dq 1 & 2 - there would be is they...

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Psych week 3 dq 1 The differences of Classical and Operant Conditioning as of my understanding are based on the human ability of decision making. First classical conditioning as I understand it is basically cause and effect situations with external stimuli. Operant Conditioning I believe is based on rewards and punishments. Classical is involuntary while Operant is voluntary. An example of Classical conditioning could be a child getting burnt on a hot stove. After being burnt, that child will remember the pain and associate the pain with the stove. They will be more cautious around the stove. An example of Operant conditioning could be someone late for work. They could be rushing because they are late and get pulled over on the way. Let’s say they received a ticket with a hefty fine. In most cases this (punishment) will make them try to be on time to work. The only reward
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Unformatted text preview: there would be is they would have more money in their pocket and would be considered a good employee because they are on time. DQ 2 I think from the readings I understand this type of learning to be latent learning. My husband teaches Jujitsu classes at a gym and has done so for several years. Through these years of observation, because I do not usually participate, I have picked up a few of his techniques. I did not realize how well until he needed another female participant one day and I was the only one available. He was trying to demonstrate how to escape a hold. As he was explaining how to escape the hold I flowed through perfectly. I think even he was surprised how well. If I had not observed him so many times with different classes, I would have had no idea how to escape this hold and would have been of no help to him....
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