psych week 4 Motivation and emotion

psych week 4 Motivation and emotion - is something most...

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Motivation and Emotion Amber Cooper PSY 202 January 18, 2012 Janie Lacy The Five Approaches to Motivation Instinct- patterns of behavior that individuals are born with, they are not learned. Drive-Reduction- gives the person the “umph” to realize a need Arousal- helps maintain the level of stimulation and activity Incentive- the desire to attain something someone wants Cognitive- gets motivated by their thoughts, expectations and goals Five Main Emotions Love Joy Anger Sadness Fear Pride is a positive of being a student. I take pride in the works that I turn in each week. It gives me joy to realize that I actually understand what is going on and can do the assignments correctly. I like being able to see the instructors posts about how well I am doing, or what I need to work on in the future. Pride I believe develops my incentive to achieve.
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Worry is negative of being a student. Although I take joy in making good grades, I do worry whether they will be good grades or not. The fear of not knowing is extremely worrisome! Worry
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Unformatted text preview: is something most people have in every walk of life, but I believe being a student makes worry worse. My family’s future depends on me and how well I do in school and beyond. Who wouldn’t worry with something like that on their shoulders? I believe that incentive and drive approaches will help me overcome the negative emotion of worry with my grades. I have the incentive to reach a goal and I have the drive to reach that goal! It would be very difficult to reach any type of goal in school or otherwise without either of these motivational approaches. I believe that these approaches must be promoted by outside sources as well. I like for my husband to encourage me and tell me I am doing a good job. This just helps me push myself even harder to reach goals within my reach. Hearing encouraging words also gives me pride in my works, which additionally pushes me towards achievement of my goals....
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psych week 4 Motivation and emotion - is something most...

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