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psychology week 1 dq 1 & dq 2

psychology week 1 dq 1 & dq 2 - me because it...

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Major Perspective Subfield 1. Neuroscience Clinical Neuropsychology (how cells work) 2. Cognitive Cognitive Psychology (study patterns and irregularities) 3. Behavioral Counseling Psychology (cures for drug addictions, sexual) 4. Humanistic Developmental Psychology (“free will”) 5. Psychodynamic Environmental Psychology (prejudice & aggression) DQ 2 The two subfields of psychology that most interest me are psychodynamic psychology and behavioral psychology. Psychodynamic is interesting to me because I wonder how the mind works, and what causes people to do what they do. Behavioral psychology is also interesting to
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Unformatted text preview: me because it “digs” into the underlying issues of the human psyche. A professional in the psychodynamic field could be a psychologist studying a serial killer and how they think or react differently than anyone else in society. A professional in the behavioral field could be the forensic psychologist that tries to determine why that same serial killer did this “this way” and did that “that way”, they really try to figure out what went wrong with this person....
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