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The Brain Week 2 Day 7 The Brain Amber Cooper PSY 202 January 9, 2012 Janie Lacy The central core of the brain and the cerebral cortex differ in several aspects. First from my understanding the cerebral cortex is voluntary while the central core is involuntary. The central core of the brain is responsible for breathing, eating, sleeping, and heart rate. Without the central core operating correctly, we would be walking around like a bunch of drunks! The cerebral cortex controls the more tedious processes such as thinking, decision making, speech, and memory. Without the cerebral cortex everyone would be acting like robots since it is responsible for personality! Sensation is caused by a source of physical energy and Perception is the processing and understanding of a stimuli. For example, you touch your hand to a hot burner on a stove, the first thing that happens is the sensation of hot and pain. The second thing that happens is the perception that you need to pull your hand away from the source and find a way to make the pain stop!
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