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Week 1 psych checkpoint - attention and each salesperson to...

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My seventh grade science class was asked which of a potato or a marble would hit the ground first if dropped at the same time from the same height. We had to use the scientific method to come up with our conclusion. Informal research methods used were prior knowledge, observation, and personal opinion. We asked if any of us had ever practiced this experiment before. Observation caused us to look around and think of examples of times when two things had fallen and we had witnessed the occasion. Personal opinion occurred when one of the other group members felt the potato would hit first because it was heavier. Thinking back to the experiment, I would have researched a better and did a pre- experiment with two different objects. I also would have consulted someone with a more experience than my group! I would have pushed my notion that they would hit at the same time. I worked for AT&T where they encouraged salespersons to provide customers with equal
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Unformatted text preview: attention and each salesperson to take turns on sales. Unfortunately “prettier” clerks achieved more sales from gentlemen customers than their male counterparts. A male salesperson could be helping a male customer and be knowledgeable about the product the customer was interested in, however if that male customer spotted the “pretty” female salesperson, they would be drawn to her instead. So even though it was unethical we devised a proven sales tactic, male salespersons attended women customers and female salespersons attended male customers. Informed consent is important because test subjects need to be informed about what they can expect from an experiment. They also need to know if there is going to be any side effects. If they were not informed something bad could happen and a lawsuit can be filed....
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