bizquiz090212 - )Airbus A380 superjumbos)Apple iPad2s)Aldi...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon The Biz Quiz 9 February 2012 Questions 1. Manufacturer Pilkington is to cut production at a UK factory under plans to axe 3,500 jobs worldwide. What does Pilkington make? ( )Toilet rolls ( )Steel ( )Glass ( )Bread 2. Drugs maker AstraZeneca has announced 7,500 more job losses. What is the main reason for this? ( )Their drug patents are expiring ( )People are living longer ( )The NHS is spending less ( )People have healthier lifestyles 3. The CEO and other directors of which business have decided to gift their lucrative bonuses to charity? ( )Goldman Sachs ( )Network Rail ( )Royal Bank of Scotland ( )Barclays 4. Shareholders in which business are resisting a £57bn merger? ( )AOL-TimeWarner ( )Facebook ( )Xstrata ( )Glencore 5. According to PM David Cameron, economic growth in the UK is being held back by. .. ( )high interest rates ( )a lack of investment from India ( )George Osborne's incompetence ( )a lack of women in the boardroom
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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon 6. All existing units of which product are to be checked for possible quality problems?
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Unformatted text preview: ( )Airbus A380 superjumbos ( )Apple iPad2s ( )Aldi frozen apple crumbles ( )Amazon Kindles 7. Who has topped the league table of the world's richest football clubs for the seventh straight year? ( )Manchester United ( )Real Madrid ( )Manchester City ( )Bayern Middlesborough 8. Since Stephen Elop became CEO of Nokia, how many job losses has Nokia announced? ( )30,000 ( )3,500 ( )12,000 ( )None 9. What has Chancellor George Osborne promised to fight? ( )An "anti-business culture" ( )Those "whingeing nurses and doctors" ( )The "forces of capitalism" ( )The "excesses of rip-off Britain" 10. Which firm is to make 200 people redundant after being caught mis-selling? ( )PensionsChoice ( )HomeServe ( )HouseAssist ( )Injuries4u Answers 1 Glass 2 Their drug patents are expiring 3 Network Rail 4 Xstrata 5 a lack of women in the boardroom 6 Airbus A380 superjumbos 7 Real Madrid 8 30,000 9 An "anti-business culture" 10 HomeServe...
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bizquiz090212 - )Airbus A380 superjumbos)Apple iPad2s)Aldi...

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