Death Of Ivan Ilych

Death Of Ivan Ilych - On September 9 1828 Leo Nikolaevich...

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On September 9, 1828 Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy was born at his family’s estate, Near Tula, Russia. His childhood was somewhat normal, for someone of the upper class, except for the constant repetition of death in his life. The first came at age two with the death of his mother. With the death of his Father and Grandmother Tolstoy and his siblings were orphans. Tolstoy moved with his aunt to Kazan and for the next four years did very little with his life. For sometime he studied law at the University of Kazan, but left without a degree and returned to his estate. Leo wrote his first book while serving in the army from 1851-55. After leaving the military Tolstoy shuttled between st. Petersburg and the family estate. His diary tells us that during this time he was very unhappy. He finally marries in 1862, but has an unhappy marriage. About that time he wrote War and peace (1869)-a prose epic on Napoleaon’s 1812 invasion of Russia – and Anna Karenina (1877), a novel about a woman tragically destroyed by her faith in romantic love. Reexamination of his life, leo began a conversion to the Christian doctrine of love and to a doctrine of nonresistance to evil. He then left his family, in an attempt to live a simple and saintly life, with the intent to join a monastery. Before he could begin his journey he died in the train waiting station. Some say that is last words were: “I love truth . . . very much. . . . I love truth.” Others say it was: “I wonder how a peasant would die”. He died leaving behind many works of art that reflected his beliefs and ideas. For
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Death Of Ivan Ilych - On September 9 1828 Leo Nikolaevich...

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