RTM 304 Wimba Session

RTM 304 Wimba Session - Threapeutic Recreation Used to...

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RTM 304 Wimba Session Leisure – Does Spontaneously, no obligation, no task Recreation – Organized program Play – Describes the way that people do an activity-playfully; adverb Piaget Capacities 1. Sensory Motor 2. Imagination 3. Cooperation (Games with Rules) Skill Category Qualitative – Agility, Balance, Coordination Health Category Quantitative – Flexibility, Endurance, Cardio Fitness Phylogenetic Skills – Expected to be developed naturally (crawl, walk, run) Ontogenetic Skills – Determined by culture (video games, bicycles) Terminal Values – Large value that negotiate you (Green movement, Walk for Breast Cancer) Instrumental Values – You negotiate the values (Not going to Disneyland unless you have a discount) Social Class died down to our circle of friends in the 1970s due to credit.
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Unformatted text preview: Threapeutic Recreation Used to provide programs to disabilities (Special Olympics, -Wheelchair events) so people disabled are still motivated to participate in recreation- treatment goals ability to transfer skills into daily living and occupation Piaget points out children start out at as Egocentric Assimilation solitary play, using sensory motor capacity (babies) Parallel Play tolerating others, using sensory motor capacity and imagination Accomodation group play What are the two criticisms you have heard for leisure? 1. Its uneccessary 2. Undeserved *same two criticisms for work Pressure (volume) to solve problems can diminish leisure Demographics 1. Matures 2. Booemrs 3. Generation X 4. Generation Y...
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RTM 304 Wimba Session - Threapeutic Recreation Used to...

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