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Adam Goldsmith Hist 4B Discussion W 5 pm 1/16/07 Pope Gregory VII used three kinds of arguments in support of his claimed ability to excommunicate King Henry IV (and any other king for that matter), effectively placing kings under popes. These three kinds of arguments were scripture based arguments, tradition based arguments, and arguments that appealed to common sense and favor. Gregory VII used arguments from scripture, claiming the bible gave such power to him as a pope. “I will give to you the keys to the kingdom of heaven” (Mathew, XVI:18-19), was taken to suggest that as Peter’s descendent, he also held the keys to heaven and the right to deny entrance to kings. (p.7, Letter of Gregory VII to Hermann)
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Unformatted text preview: Gregory used arguments from tradition, claiming that this right of popes has been traditionally accepted and understood. His letter reads, This divinely willed institution has always been accepted. (p.7, Gregory) He also used arguments that appeal to ones common sense. With these he compared the violent, selfish qualities of all kings to the holy, selfless qualities of popes. His letter claims a king puts himself in the power of devils (p.9, Gregory) while his position is for the purpose of casting out devils. (p.9, Gregory) This plainly suggests a popes right to excommunicate or cast out a king and his devilish ways....
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