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Quiz # 1 – 20 points total IS 480 – Second Semester 1425/1426 – Spring 2005-03-01 Dr. Abdulrahman A. Mirza 1. According to the textbook used in this course, what is the difference between e- business and e-commerce? a. e-business: (3 pts.) The digital enablement of business operations within the firm not including sales b. e-commerce: (3 pts.) The exchange of value (buying and selling) with other firms across the Internet 2. One of the unique features of e-commerce is that it uses “universal standards.” a. What is the universal standard that is referred to here? (2 pts.) The Internet
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Unformatted text preview: b. Why does it present an advantage? (3 pts.) The low cost to use 3. Give two reasons why B2B e-commerce accounts for more sales revenue than B2C: a. (3 pts.) B2B sales have a greater value per transaction b. (2 pts.) B2B sales are based on contracts and relationships and hence repeat many times 4. Give two reasons for the crash of Technology stock market in the year 2000: a. (2 pts.) The excess development of fiber-optics telecommunication networks b. (2 pts.) Loss of confidence of customers in e-commerce as a result of bad experiences including that of e-toys.com...
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