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Quiz # 2 – 20 points total IS 480 – Second Semester 1425/1426 – Spring 132005-03- Dr. Abdulrahman A. Mirza 1. What was the general thought about intermediaries in the e-commerce I era? The will no longer be needed 2. What is the general though about intermediaries in the e-commerce II era? Strengthening role 3. What is meant by: perfect markets? Prices are equal, easy search of information, brand names are not important 4. What is a cookie? A small text file downloaded on a website visitor’s machine 5. What are cookies used for? Personalization/customization of web pages 6. What is a web log file used for? Tracking the visitor at a given website (pages visited in the site, time spent at
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Unformatted text preview: each page, IP address of visitor, address coming from, user name (if applicable) 7. The universal standards of e-commerce reduce search costs for the consumer and raise market entry costs for merchants. T F 8. During the E-commerce II period, traditional, well-endowed, experienced Fortune 500 companies are playing a growing and more dominant role. T F 9. An example of an e-business that follows the C2C e-business model is ____. a. Amazon b. E-Trade c. E-Bay d. E-Steel 10. Which of the following accounts for the greatest revenue of Internet trade? a. B2C b. B2B c. C2C...
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