TB-Chapter4 - 1 Chapter 4 Test Bank 1. _ is a set of...

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Chapter 4 Test Bank 1. ____________ is a set of standards for communicating between a browser and a program running on a server that allows for interaction between the user and server. (a) CGI (b) ColdFusion (c) JavaScript (d) VBScript Answer: (a) (see page 212) 2. Which of the following languages did Microsoft invent to compete with Java? (a) VBScript (b) ActiveX (c) ColdFusion (d) Java Server Pages Answer: (a) (see page 214) 3. All of the following are steps one can take to right-size a Web site’s hardware platform and meet demands for service at a Web site except (a) scaling hardware vertically (b) scaling hardware horizontally (c) scaling hardware longitudinally (d) improving processing architecture Answer: (c) (see page 201) 4. The term stateless refers to the fact that: (a) no one government entity controls the Internet (b) the server does not have to maintain an ongoing dedicated interaction with the client computer (c) system performance degrades as more simultaneous users require service (d) none of the above. Answer: (b) (see page 202) 5. Which of the following would not be an appropriate choice for an e-commerce suite for a medium-sized business? (a) Microsoft Commerce Server (b) IBM Websphere Commerce Suite Professional edition (c) InterWorld Commerce Exchange (d) Blue Martini Customer Interaction System Answer: (d) (see page 199) 6. Dynamic page generation makes all of the following possible except: (a) lowered menu costs (b) market segmentation (c) nearly cost-free price discrimination 1
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Answer: (d) (see page 196) 7. The leading Web server software is (a) Apache HTTP (b) Microsoft Internet Information Server (c) Netscape Enterprise Server (d) Linux Answer: (a) (see page 192) 8. T/F: If you decide to outsource your firm’s Web site development, you can rely on the outsourcer to create a site development plan and need not worry about basic e-commerce issues. Answer: False (see page179) 9. The _______ for a system are the information elements that the system must produce in order to achieve its business objectives (a) system functionalities (b) systems development life cycle (c) information requirements (d) unit testing plans Answer: (c) (see page 181) 10. Which of the following might include a data flow diagram to describe the flow of information for a Web site? (a) physical design (b) logical design (c) testing plan (d) co-location plan Answer: (b) (see page 181) 11. T/F: Building a Web site from scratch is always the most cost effective choice. Answer: False (see pages 184-185) 12. Java Server Pages is most similar to the following: (a) VBScript and ActiveX (b) CGI and ASP (c) ColdFusion (d) JavaScript Answer: (b) (see page 214) 13. T/F Almost all Web sites use Java applets in some manner. Answer: False (see page 213)
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TB-Chapter4 - 1 Chapter 4 Test Bank 1. _ is a set of...

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