TB-Chapter7 - Chapter 7 Test Bank 1 T/F MyPoints.com is an...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Test Bank 1. T/F MyPoints.com is an example of a company that uses affiliate marketing. Answer: True (see page 333) 2. T/F The Internet is expected to have an market penetration rate of almost 100% by 2005. Answer: False (see page 336) 3. T/F Of American adults with Internet access, there are a higher percentage of women online than men. Answer: True (see page 339) 4. All of the following are a part of an augmented product’s feature set except: (a) installation (b) warranty (c) packaging (d) after-sale support Answer: (c) (see page 354-355) 5. T/F The theory of frictionless commerce is unique to the Internet. Answer: False (see page 359, FN1) 6. According the Interbrand’s 2001 World’s Most Valuable Brand survey, the most valuable brand in the world was: (a) Microsoft (b) IBM © General Electric (d) Coca-Cola Answer: (d) (see page 357) 7. T/F Transaction logs are built into Web server software. Answer: True (see page 361) 8. T/F A commodity is a good or service for which there are many dealers supplying the same product and all products are essentially identical. Answer: True (see page 354) 9. T/F Goal-oriented shopping is the most common type of online shopping behavior. Answer: True (see page 352) 10. REI used which of the following market entry strategies: (a) first mover (b) strategic alliance (c) fast follower (d) brand extender Answer: (d) (see page 378) 11. _________ is the process of getting customers to pass along a company’s marketing message to friends, family and colleagues. (a) Affiliate marketing (b) Viral marketing (c) Brand leveraging (d) One-to-one marketing Answer: (b) (see page 381) 12. T/F A Web site can only receive data it has stored on a client machine and cannot look at any other cookie. Answer: True (see page 364) 13. All of the following are attributes of personalized, one-to-one marketing except: (a) highly complex products (b) unique price (c) targeting of individuals (d) use of mass media Answer: (d) (see page 384) 14. The Nike iD program is an example of which of the following marketing techniques: (a) customer co-production (b) transactive content (c) price discrimination (d) permission marketing Answer: (a) (see page 385) 15. The online activity engaged in most frequently by the most online users is: (a) using e-mail (b) using a search engine (c) researching products and services (d) sending instant messages Answer: (a) (see page 337, Table 7.2) 16. According to a study by the Wharton Forum on Electronic Commerce, the most important factor in predicting online buying behavior was: (a) leading a “wired” lifestyle (b) looking for product information online (c) recently ordering from a catalog (d) number of months on the Internet Answer: (b) (see page 343) 17. T/F Bundling is the process of creating multiple versions of a good and selling the essentially the same product to different market segments at different prices....
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TB-Chapter7 - Chapter 7 Test Bank 1 T/F MyPoints.com is an...

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