Assignment1 - ISOM 111 L7-L8, Fall 2010 1 Homework 1 Due:...

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ISOM 111 L7-L8, Fall 2010 1 Homework 1 Due: Monday, Sep 27, 4:00pm Submit to the “Homework Collection Box, ISOM 111 L7-L8” outside Room 4351 I . An insurance agency is examining the dollar amount of claims from clients who have home- owners insurance. For the 900 people who filed claims, the five-number summary of the amount is: ($8800, $8850, $8900, $9100, $9940). (a) Would the histogram displaying the data for the 900 claims be nearly bell-shaped? If so, explain how the summary indicates this. If not, determine if the data is skewed left or skewed right, and explain how the summary indicates this. (b) Would the boxplot for the data indicate any outliers? Explain why or why not. II. A drug manufacturer has hundreds of sales representatives all over the United States. A histogram for yearly sales totals for each representative is roughly bell shaped and symmetric except for 4 high outliers corresponding to representatives in Boston, MA. Their sales totals are at least $60,000 greater than the next highest total. One analyst suggests dropping these 4 totals from the data to get a better summary of the sales across all regions of the country. (a) If the outliers were to be dropped, which measure of central tendency of the data set would be affected the most – the mean, the median, or the mode? Explain why. (b) The high outliers are dropped from the data and the mean is determined to be $70,000 with a standard deviation of $8,000. For future analysis, management would like to be able to identify sales amounts that are “unusually low”, which they defined as being among the lowest 2.5% of all sales amounts. Using the Empirical Rule for this data, what amount should be considered the cut-off for sales amounts being classified as unusually low? III. In order to control costs, a company wishes to study the amount of money its sales force spends entertaining clients. The following is a random sample of six entertainment expenses (dinner costs for four people) from expense reports submitted by members of the sales force. $157 $132 $109 $145 $125 $139 (a) Calculate the sample mean ¯ x and sample variance s 2 . (b) Assuming that the distribution of entertainment expenses is approximately normally dis-
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Assignment1 - ISOM 111 L7-L8, Fall 2010 1 Homework 1 Due:...

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