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Job Ad Analysis - Job Ad Analysis USF Career email copy...

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Job Ad Analysis USF Career email copy http://pastebin.com/WgXmXvYQ 1) I chose this ad because it is exactly what I need to better myself in my education. Now, this particular advertisement doesn't advocate a full-time career, but they're offering a great learning experience to students. The fact that they advocate students applying means they're willing to work with and teach. This, to me, is a huge bonus. From the advertisement, it appears as if I'm fully qualified. I'm a Junior Mechanical Engineer, I have manufacturing and shop experience, I live in the South East, and I have experience designing. Fair enough, right? 2) Yes. Sun Hydraulics works heavily with one of the clubs I'm in (SAE) and they both speak highly of each other. They do a lot of our machine work for our race car parts and quite a few people know each other's team members. 3) I believe them to be a respectable company. The original owner of Sun Hydraulics highly emphasized education and has proven so. The company has donated numerous amounts to the University as well as other institutions. Many companies can be stingy or they just
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