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Kelly Pepping What I am an Expert On Purpose: To inform the audience about the lifestyle of a competitive athlete. Central Idea: Athletic Lifestyle Introduction: I. I am an expert on the lifestyle of a competitive athlete. a. I will tell you why I am qualified. b. I will explain the components. Body: I. I have competed in many sports. a. I won state in soccer. b. I won district championships in basketball, volleyball, and track in middle school. c. I competed in the volleyball Junior Olympics three years in a row. II. Diet is important for athletes. a. Carbohydrates are good. 1.According to Elizabeth Quinn who wrote “Sports Nutrition Basics From Training to Competition,” “Carbohydrate is arguably the most important source of energy for athletes.”
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Unformatted text preview: 2. According to Eliza Zied, a good rule of thumb is that “half of your calories should come from carbs.” b. Eat all food groups in moderation. III. Sleep is vital for performance. a. Athletes need least eight hours of sleep. b. Sleep allows your body to recover. IV. The way you workout and practice makes a difference. a. Change up your workout. b. Working out together builds team unity c. Practice how you play. V. Attitude a. Attitudes are contagious. b. Positive attitude cannot be taught. c. Dr. Gary Beale says, “Negative self-talk can lead to poor performance.” Conclusion: I. Incorporate these into your lifestyle to reach your peak performance at whatever you do. a. We all compete. b. Healthy lifestyle in general....
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