chapter - In my opinion this is the most sensible and cost...

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Activity 7 Report To: Ruben and Lisa From: Jonathan Maloy Subject : Project 7: Recommendations on Devices for Automated Ordering System and Advertising on the Member’s Page Date: March 14 th 2011 Good Morning Ruben and Lisa, this is what I have gathered In my personal opinion I feel like there are many good ways in order to advertise to reach customers. The way that I have found the best way in my opinion would be to text our customers and give them special offers and let them know through text messaging. I feel that this would be the best way and most beneficial way to reach our target market. Customers just send a text message that deals with their order number. Then the customer could answer a few security questions to verify that they are talking to the right person and monitor their item that they are purchasing or ordering. The customers could have a username and password in order to track their order.
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Unformatted text preview: In my opinion this is the most sensible and cost efficient way to doing business with our customers. Everyone that I know have a cell phone or the majority of the entire college population has some sort of phone they could use or use friends if that is not the case. This is also a very smart way because I think that everyone know how to text someone in order to do business. Instead of having to do all those tracking numbers and all that confusing online banking stuff. I think that this whole idea would be very easy in order to promote because people now days would much rather use their phones instead of a computer in my opinion. By using this I feel that we would be able to reach way more clients and customers because it is so easy to use and it is also convenient. Jonathan Maloy...
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chapter - In my opinion this is the most sensible and cost...

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