B5 - Section B5: Diode Circuit Analysis We've spent a lot...

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Section B5: Diode Circuit Analysis We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the physical characteristics of a diode and the material/operational properties that are important. I’ll just say one more time. .. getting familiar with these concepts now will help immensely in our future studies – everything, absolutely everything , that we will be talking about with respect to electronic devices comes back to this material. So, we’ve got the diode – what are we going to do with it? Well, we’re going to make them do something! For our purposes, we are going to concentrate on silicon (Si) based diodes. Keep in mind that the general discussions still hold, with minor modifications as to physical constants, etc. The three analysis approaches we’re going to introduce are: 1. piecewise linear approximation; 2. graphical analysis; and 3. computer simulation techniques. Piecewise Linear Approximation The piecewise linear approximation to diode circuit analysis is based on the diode model of the previous section. Recall that, as long as the breakdown region of operation is avoided, the diode can be approximated as a voltage controlled switch that is closed for v D > V ON (where the diode is “on”) and open for v D < V ON (where the diode is “off”). This technique allows us to replace the nonlinear device (the diode) with a simple resistor representation that depends on the region of operation. These simplified representations were introduced in the diode models section and are reproduced below. Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? Well, there are a couple of potential problems: 1. Hand analysis of diode circuits often begins with the guess and check strategy as follows: a. Assume which state the diode is operating in (forward or reverse).
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b. Substitute appropriate model into circuit in place of diode.
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B5 - Section B5: Diode Circuit Analysis We've spent a lot...

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