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Kelly Pepping Outsourcing Purpose: To persuade the audience to believe that outsourcing is overall good for American business. Central Idea: Outsourcing benefits our economy. Introduction: I. Outsourcing is good for our economy. a. I will define outsourcing. b. I will explain some of the benefits. Body: I. According to “What is Outsourcing,” “outsourcing is ‘to purchase goods or subcontract services from an outside supplier or source.’ a. Outsourcing was originally risky. b. Advancements have made outsourcing beneficial. II. Outsourcing cuts costs. a. Services are provided cheaper overseas. b. According to “The Future of Outsourcing,” “economic growth is measured by output per hour in the business sector” and is up. c. According to Jennifer Mears, jobs coming into the U.S. from other countries “is
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Unformatted text preview: growing at a faster rate than jobs lost overseas. III. New costs enable small businesses to grow. a. When small businesses grow they can compete with existing big businesses. b. This is good for the consumer and economy. III. Cut costs allow investment in innovative projects. a. Funds previously were not there. b. These projects keep business growing. c. Increased output will lead to more hiring of employees. IV. Outsourcing allows specialization. a. According to Stephanie Overby, outsourcing works to liberate expensive analysts, engineers, and salesmen from routine tasks so they can spend more time innovating and dealing with customers. Conclusion: I. Outsourcing has positive effects on American business and economy. a. It cuts costs. b. It allows specialization....
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