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The University of Texas at Austin / Mechanical Engineering ME 340, Circuits & Mechatronics, Summer 2011, M.D. Bryant Modeling, Analysis & Design Project (50 points) Due: 3:00 pm, Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Analyze the design of the major components of the electrical system on your automobile, including battery, charging system, starting system, and headlights. Assignment 1. Identify your car: make (Ford, Toyota, etc.), model (PT Cruiser, etc.) and year 2. Discuss the purpose of each system, (battery, charging, starting and headlights), and explain how each system works. Be brief. 3. Sketch or provide drawings and circuit schematics, as it pertains to YOUR CAR, or your family’s car. List/ show all vital elements, and discuss. 4. Identify the major components of the charging, starting and headlight systems, discuss their purpose, and explain how each component works. 5. Choose one major sub system from charging, starting and headlights, and derive governing equations for this sub system by applying first principles such as Kirchoff’s
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