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ME 340 Midterm Exam Review Sheet Date & Time: TUESDAY, October 19, 9-11:30 AM Location: ETC 2.136 Charge and Current Definitions and Calc. Power and Energy Definitions and Calc. Ohm’s Law: v = iR Voltage and Current Calc. Using Ohm’s Law Sign Conventions for Voltage, Current, Resistance Combining Series and Parallel Resistive Elements Kirchhoff Current Law (KCL) Kirchhoff Voltage Law (KVL) Current Divider Rule Voltage Divider Rule Node Voltage Analysis Mesh Current Analysis Supermesh Analysis Controlled Sources in Circuit Analysis Thevenin Equivalent Circuit Norton Equivalent Circuit Zeroing Sources to Find Thevenin Eq. Resistance
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Unformatted text preview: Superposition Principle Wheatstone Bridge Voltage and Current in Capacitance and Inductance Combining Capacitors/Inductors in Series and Parallel First Order RC and RL Circuits Time Constant Calc. General Solution to First-Order Circuit Transient Analysis of First-Order Circuit Steady-State DC Analysis of First-Order Circuit Second-Order RLC Circuits AC Sinusoidal Voltage and Current RMS Calculation: RMS amplitude, power Phasors Complex Numbers & Operations Complex Impedance Ohms Law impedances: v = iZ Calculation of Phase (lead, lag) Circuit Analysis Using Phasors Power in AC Circuits Three-Phase Circuits...
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