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TX Hist notes - 2 Edward’s Plateau A Rocky and Hilly B...

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I. Texas has 4 Geographic Regions 1. Coastal Plains a. Largest of the regions b. It has 5 sub regions 1. Piney woods-East TX 2. Post Oak belt-West of piney woods, we live in it 3. Blackland Prairie (Dallas, Austin) Transitional region n.west of Post oak belt 4. Gulf Coastal Plains-from Sabine river to Corpus (Houston) 5. South TX plain (on Rio Grande) 2. North Central Plains a. South from the Red River to Fort Worth b. 3 sub regions 1. Cross Timbers region-sandy, soily hills 2. Grand Prairie (w/ Ft. Worth) 3. Rolling Plains (Abilene, Vernon, Wichita Falls) agricultural region c. Cap Rock separates N. Central plains from Coastal Plains 3. Great Plains a. 3 sub regions 1. High Plains (Midland and Odessa) A. Old, vast grassland B. Now Agriculture and Irrigation C. Crisis for water
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Edward’s Plateau A. Rocky and Hilly B. San Antonio and Austin are on the brim of it C. South of High Plains 3. Llano Basin A. Hill Country B. Lots of tourism and recreation C. Small towns 4. Basin & Mountain Region a. Trans-Pecos area b. West of the Pecos River c. Diverse geography-area of extremes d. Ranching region II. Primary Rivers -Bordering(flow from NW to SE) a. Sabine River – East b. Red River- North c. Rio Grande- South and West III. Rivers flowing From West a. Trinity River (Dallas to Galveston) b. Neches River c. San Jacinto River (Empties into Galveston Bay) d. Colorado and Brazos Rivers (Center of TX) e. Guadalupe River f. San Antonio River g. Nueces River (First border of TX and Mexico) h. Pecos River...
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TX Hist notes - 2 Edward’s Plateau A Rocky and Hilly B...

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