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Understanding Communication Differentiate between interpersonal and organizational communication. Discuss the functions of communication. Interpersonal communication is communication between two or more people. Organizational communication is all the patterns, networks, and systems of communication within an organization. The functions of communication include controlling employee behavior, motivating employees, providing a release for emotional expression of feelings and fulfillment of social needs, and providing information. The Process of Interpersonal Communication Explain all the components of the communication process. List the communication methods managers might use. Describe nonverbal communication and how it takes place. Explain the barriers to effective interpersonal communication and how to overcome them. There are seven elements in the communication process. (See Exhibit 11-1.) First there is a sender who has a message. A message is a purpose to be conveyed. Encoding is converting a message into symbols. A channel is the medium a message travels along. Decoding is when the receiver retranslates a sender’s message. Finally, there is feedback . The communication methods include face-to-face, telephone, group meetings, formal presentations, memos, traditional mail, fax, employee publications, bulletin boards, other company publications, audio- and videotapes, hotlines, e-mail, computer conferencing, voice mail, teleconferences, and videoconferences. (See Exhibit 11-2.)
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Ch11_Summary - CHAPTER SUMMARY CHAPTER 11 Understanding...

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