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Discuss the importance of good management to the success of a company. The Gallup Organization has found that the single most important variable in employee productivity and loyalty isn't pay or benefits or workplace environment, it's the quality of the relationship between employees and their direct supervisors. Watson Wyatt Worldwide found that the way a company manages its people can significantly affect its financial performance. Differentiate between the roles of managers and those of non-managerial workers. Identify the three different levels of management discussed in the book. A manager is someone who coordinates and oversees the work of other people, whereas non-managerial workers are responsible for creating the company's output (product or service sold by the company). First-line managers, the lowest level of management, manage the work of non-managerial employees. Middle managers include all levels of management between the first level and the top level of the organization. Top managers are at or near the upper levels of the organizational structure and are
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