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1. Describe the role of the manager based on the symbolic view of management. Answer: Based on the symbolic view of management, the manager's ability to affect organizational outcomes are influenced by factors managers don't control. Thus the role of the manager is more "symbolic." Managers symbolize control and influence by creating meaning out of randomness, confusion, and ambiguity, or by trying to innovate and adapt. The actual part that managers play in organizational success or failure is minimal. 2. Differentiate between strong and weak organizational cultures. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a strong organizational culture? Answer: In strong cultures, the key values are deeply held and widely shared. These cultures have a greater influence on employees than do weak cultures. Strong cultures are associated with high organizational performance. A disadvantage of a strong organizational structure, however, is that such a culture might also prevent employees from trying new approaches, especially during periods of rapid change. 3. How do organizational cultures affect managers?
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