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chapter 10 - 1 Differentiate between those jobs and...

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1. Differentiate between those jobs and organizations that are highly formalized and those that are not. Answer: Formalization refers to how standardized an organization's jobs are and the extent to which employee behavior is guided by rules and procedures. If a job is highly formalized, then the person doing that job has little discretion over what is to be done, when it's to be done, and how he or she does it. In highly formalized organizations, there are explicit job descriptions, numerous organizational rules, and clearly defined procedures covering work processes. Where formalization is low, job behaviors are relatively unstructured and employees have a great deal of freedom in how they do their work. 2. How does an organization's strategy influence its structure? Answer: An organization's structure should help it achieve its goals. If managers significantly change the organization's strategy, the structure should change to support the new strategy.
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