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1. Identify and discuss the four major functions of communication. Answer: 1. Communication acts to control employee behavior, both through formal communication, such as formal guidelines that employees are expected to follow, and through informal communication, such as when work groups tease a member who's working too hard. 2. Communication encourages motivation by clarifying to employees what is to be done, how well they're doing, and what can be done to improve performance if it's not up to par. 3. Communication provides a release for emotional expression of feelings and for fulfillment of social needs. 4. Communication provides information. 2. What is nonverbal communication? Why is it important? Give two examples of nonverbal communication. Answer: Nonverbal communication is communication that is transmitted without words. Every oral communication also has a nonverbal message, and this nonverbal component usually carries the greater impact. Two examples of nonverbal communication are body language and
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