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chapter 12 - 1 Explain the current assessment in human...

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1. Explain the current assessment in human resource planning. Answer: Managers begin HR planning by reviewing the organization's current human resource status. A human resource inventory is created from forms filled out by employees with information such as name, education, training, etc., and allows managers to keep track of the human resources they currently have available. Another part of the current assessment is the job analysis, which is an assessment that defines jobs and the behaviors necessary to perform them. With information from the job analysis, managers can develop or revise job descriptions and job specifications, both of which are important when managers begin recruiting and selecting. 2. Identify and describe three selection devices a manager might use. Answer: 1. Application forms. 2. Written tests - may include tests of intelligence, aptitude, ability, and interest. 3. Performance simulation tests - tests made up of actual job behaviors, i.e. work sampling and assessment centers. 4.
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