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1. Identify and discuss the major components that determine group performance and satisfaction . Answer: 1. External conditions imposed on the group. 2. Group member resources. 3. Group structure. 4. Group processes. 5. Group tasks. 2. Identify and define the three types of conflict. Answer: 1. Task conflict: relates to the content and goals of the work. 2. Relationship conflict: focuses on interpersonal relationships. 3. Process conflict: refers to how the work gets done. 3. Identify and discuss the five conflict management options managers might choose from when group conflict levels are too high. Answer: 1. Forcing: Resolving conflicts by satisfying one's own needs at the expense of another's. 2. Avoiding: Resolving conflicts by withdrawing from or suppressing them. 3. Collaborating: Resolving conflicts by seeking an advantageous solution for all parties. 4. Compromising: Resolving conflicts by each party giving up something of value. 5. Accommodating: Resolving conflicts by placing another's needs and concerns above
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