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chapter 16 - 1 How can managers use Maslow's hierarchy of...

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1. How can managers use Maslow's hierarchy of needs to motivate their employees? Answer: According to Maslow, each level in the needs hierarchy must be substantially satisfied before the next is activated and once a need is substantially satisfied, the next need becomes dominant. Therefore, if you want to motivate someone, you need to understand what need level that person is on in the hierarchy and focus on satisfying needs at or above that level. 2. Differentiate between motivators and hygiene factors in Herzberg's two-factor theory. Answer: According to Herzberg, the factors that led to job satisfaction were separate and distinct from those that led to job dissatisfaction. The extrinsic factors that create job dissatisfaction, such as company policy and working conditions, were called hygiene factors. When these factors are adequate, people won't be dissatisfied, but they won't be satisfied either. To motivate people on their jobs, Herzberg suggested emphasizing motivators, the intrinsic factors like achievement, recognition, and responsibility that increase job
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