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Applied Geotechnics (2011) Page 1 of 1 CEE 4406: Applied Geotechnics, Elective Class Catalog Description Geotechnical principles for soil and rock mechanics are applied to the construction of civil engineering projects, including the evaluation of geomaterial properties, critical state soil mechanics, shallow foundations (footings and mats), piling and deep foundations, soil liquefaction, and ground modification techniques. Actual case studies are presented for the various sections to illustrate predictive methodologies and the inherent uncertainty involved in working with natural materials. Credit hours: 3-0-3. Recommended Prerequisite: CEE 4405 Geotechnical Engineering Class/Laboratory Schedule Two 1.5-hour lectures (or three 1-hour lectures) per week. Class/Laboratory Schedule Professor Paul Mayne, PhD, P.E., Mason 241: Email: paul.mayne@gatech.edu Phone: 404-894-6226; Website: http://geosystems.ce.gatech.edu/Faculty/Mayne/ Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Materials Class notes posted on course website (T-square), approximately 40 MB PDF file. Grading
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CEE+4406+Applied+Geotechnics+-+Overview -...

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